US Twin Town Congratulates Calne

Calne’s American twinned town of Caln Township, Pennsylvania, has recently made a proclamation celebrating Calne’s Guinness World Record breaking Nativity.

At a recent meeting the Caln Township Board of Commissioners read a proclamation congratulating Calne residents, Calne Town Council and Bible Society on their achievement of breaking the record for The Most Living Figures in a Nativity Scene on Saturday 3rd December.

The proclamation, read by President Cynthia Eshleman, describes how “the dedicated residents of Calne participated in a live Nativity, demonstrating a wonderful sense of community spirit, holiday cheer and festive admiration.” 

The Calne & District Twinning Association was formed in 1970 and aims to foster friendship between twinned towns and encourage exchanges and links at all levels. Councillor Heather Canfer, Chair of the Association, said “we would like to thank our American twinned town for celebrating Calne’s achievement in this way and sharing the success of an event that put our town in the spotlight nationally.”

Caln Township was founded by settlers from Calne in 1714. To strengthen links between the communities the two towns were twinned in 1982. Calne is also twinned with Charlieu in France and Eningen in Germany. For details about membership and hosting opportunities contact Heather Canfer on 01249 822249.


Download a PDF of the Proclamation here

View a video of the Proclamation here


Published 19/01/2017 00:00:00

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