Town Crier Competition 2017

On Saturday 30th September, Beach Terrace will be transformed into the most mesmerising spectacle. Town Criers from across the country will descend upon Calne, to cry their Home Town Cries. The event will start with a precession 11am, and afternoon Cries start at 2:45pm. 
Calne’s Town Crier, Mark Wylie, defended the title of top International Town Crier this year. He first won the competition in 2015, but returned to Bermuda this year and was again crowned as the victor. Mark Wylie has held the title of Calne Town Crier since 2007, and attends a wide variety of civic and community events in Calne. 
When asked about The Town Crier’s Competition, Mark Wylie said “The Calne Town Criers Competition is a wonderful event that brings colour, drama, comedy and history to Beach Terrace.  September is when Calne celebrates its historical traditions with the Calne Heritage Week.  What better way to do this than spend an afternoon in the sun by the River Marden, perhaps enjoying a picnic with your family, while Criers from all over the country regale you with fascinating facts about their home towns, and our theme for this year – ‘Regalia’”   
This year’s Town Crier event is set to be the best yet; there are sure to be fantastic Cries, and the attire will be a sight to behold.
Mark Wylie went on to say “Some cries will be historical, some will be hysterical - all will be entertaining and, who knows, some may even be educational!  So I heartily recommend the Calne Town Criers Competition as a perfect way to celebrate this country’s traditions and have a great day out to boot!”
Support for Home Town Criers will be appreciated, so be sure to visit Calne on Saturday 30th September on Beach Terrace. It is completely free to watch, so bring your picnics and prepare yourselves! 

Published 10/08/2017 00:00:00

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