Town Development and Planning Committee
Meets every three weeks in the Town Hall at 6.00pm to consider and comment on planning applications that have been submitted to Wiltshire Council relating to Calne Town. These include; Home Extensions and alterations, conservatories, tree works, changes of use applications, waste site applications and advertising/signage. The Committee also deals with applications and issues relating to; CCTV, town events, waiting and parking restrictions, street/road signage, bus shelters and street furniture, street naming, consultation on street trading licences, traffic & transport issues, footpath, bridleways and rights of way, consultation on local structure plans and waste and mineral plans and all other major proposals affecting the environment of the town centre and the town as a whole.
Minutes of previous meetings can be downloaded and agenda's for forthcoming and most recent meetings will appear here.


To: Councillor Ansell - Town Mayor - Calne North
Councillor Merrick – Deputy Town Mayor – Chilvester & Abberd
Councillor Boaler – Calne Central
Councillor Canfer – Chilvester & Abberd
Councillor Fisher – Calne North
Councillor Hill – Calne South
Councillor Jones – Chilvester & Abberd
Councillor MacNaughton – Calne Central
Councillor Riley – Calne South
Councillor Rounds – Calne North

2nd May 2019

Dear Councillor,

As a member of the TOWN DEVELOPMENT & PLANNING COMMITTEE, you are summoned to attend a meeting of the Committee on Wednesday 8th May 2019 at the Town Hall, Calne commencing at 6.00pm.

The Press and Public are welcome to attend this meeting. Questions and statements will be taken from members of the public for 15 minutes at 6.00 pm, if required, prior to the start of the meeting, in accordance with the Town Council’s Standing Order No 3.

Plans may also be viewed online via the Wiltshire Council website. For those who do not have internet access, plans may be viewed online at the library with help from Wiltshire Council staff.

Yours sincerely

Mrs Jeannette Young
Director of Council Services




8th May 2019

The Openness of Local Government Bodies Regulations 2014 permits the audio and visual recording and photography of the Council and Committee meetings by the general public and/or media. It would be appreciated if persons wishing to take photographs or to record a meeting, were, wherever possible, notified to the Director of Council Services before the meeting concerned. For more information on permitted recordings, please ask to see the Council’s policy.

Public Participation



1. Apologies

Cllr Canfer

2. Declarations of Interest – To receive any Declarations of Interest required by the Code of Conduct adopted by the Town Council on 4th February 2019.  Members are required to read the Code of Conduct, appended to the Town Council’s Standing Orders, prior to the meeting, in particular the section which deals with disclosable pecuniary interests.  Whilst the Director of Council Services can give certain advice, if any specific assistance is required by members to decide whether they have a declarable interest, they are to raise this with the Director of Council Services so that further advice can be sought from the Monitoring Officer at Wiltshire Council.  This should be done prior to the meeting at which the member may have a declarable interest in an Agenda item.  When declaring an interest, members are requested to state clearly whether they will speak or not, remain in the meeting or not, vote or not.  This request is made to aid the correct minuting of such interests.

3. Minutes

To confirm, as a true record, the attached Minutes of the Town Development and Planning Committee held on 17th PApril 2019.  The attachments will form part of the main minutes, however, will not be redistributed with this Agenda.


4. Planning Applications

To consider planning applications as listed on Schedule 17 – 2018/19. 


5. Planning Application Decisions 

To note planning application decisions as shown on List 17 – 2018/19.


6.  Issues Log

Bus Stops – The Strand & The Pippin (including Tesco funded bus service) - No further update. 

Bus Stop – High Penn – moving of bus stop and lack of footway  -  No further update.

Electric Charging Points – request for provision in Calne Town Centre - No further update.

Land at Castle Walk  - No further update

Marden Court - No further update.

S106 funded projects - To consider next site for review.

Low Lane/Sands Farm

17/00679/OUT Calne Sands Farm Low Lane Calne and land at Abberd Lane

Highways - towards the cost of upgrading the existing public footpath known as CLAN40 to a fully lit and shared use pedestrian and cycle route between the boundary of the Land and Prince Charles Drive


Primary School Education - towards the cost of a further second phase expansion at Priestly School or such sum that shall be applicable using the primary school formula. £824,615

Waste & Recycling - for the provision of waste and recycling containers for each residential dwelling. £91 per unit

CIL projects - To consider projects for inclusion.

Hills Links Road - No further update

Free Parking Signs - No further update

Calne – Chippenham Cycle Route - No further update.

Land rear of High Street - No further update

Potential Industrial Land adjacent to Tesco - Cllr Ansell has drafted a letter to Wiltshire Council with the support of the TD&P committee.

Members are asked to consider the issues raised and RESOLVE to agree any next steps.

7. Reports and notes from Working Groups/Other Bodies

7.1 Calne in Bloom Working Group – to receive the notes of the meeting held on 8th April 2019.


7.2 Youth Facilities and Services Working Group – to receive the draft notes of the meeting held on 25th April 2019


7.3 Calne Our Place – Area Board Update


8 Briefing Note – Freight Strategy and Freight Management Update for members information


9 CIL Funding - Guidance for Parish and Town Councils on receiving and the use of CIL Funds for members information


10.  Area Board Issues

10.1 Area Board S106 Working Group – verbal update from meeting held on 1st May 2019

10.2 Area Board Air Quality Working Group – verbal update from the meeting held on 17th April 2019

11. April Highways Newsletter – for members information


12. TD&P Budget & Earmarked Reserves

To note the attached budget and reserves which will be subject to adjustment for month end.



13. Strategic Action Plan

To review and update the attached Town Development & Planning strategic action plan.



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