Recording of Delegated Decisions

1.The Openness of Local Government Bodies Regulations 2014 require a written record of any decision delegated to an officer under express authorisation or under general authorisation where the effect:

a. grants permission or licences;

b. affects the rights of individuals;

c. awards contracts or incurs expenditure which materially affects the Council’s financial position. For the purposes of this, the record is to include any contracts or expenditure exceeding the figure quoted in Financial Regulation 38.2 ex vat as at 1 April 2014

2. Examples of Decisions to be Recorded

a. To award or renew a lease;

b. To refuse a request for access to information;

c. To award a contract or incur expenditure above the figure quoted in Financial Regulation 38.2.

d. To withdraw or refuse any council service, e.g. terminating an allotment agreement

3. Examples of Decisions not to be Recorded

a. Routine administrative and organisational decisions;

b. To sign an allotment tenancy agreement;

c. To allocate burial plots;

d. To book sports pitches;

e. To approve works undertaken by a contractor;

f. Any written decision that is already recorded by a written record and produced by virtue of other legislation;

g. Any decision that would be exempt or confidential.

4. Procedure for Recording

The decision making officer will produce a written record as soon as practicable after taking the decision, and it will be made available on the Council’s website and in hard copy at the Council Offices. The written record will include:

a. The decision taken and the date the decision was taken;

b. The reason(s) for the decision;

c. Any alternative options considered and rejected;

d. Any other background documents;

The record will be available for a minimum of six years from the date of the decision, with any supporting documentation available for a minimum of four years.

Please download copies of delegated decisions and associated reports below.


Delegated Decision - June 2015

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