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On 6th February 2018 Wiltshire Council have taken the decision, pursuant to Section 38A(4) of the Planning & Compulsory Purchase Act 2004, to ‘make’ the Calne Community Neighbourhood Plan. The Calne Community Neighbourhood Plan now forms part of the Wiltshire Council Development Plan and the policies in the Neighbourhood Plan will be given full weight when assessing planning applications that affect land in the Calne and Calne Without Neighbourhood Area.

A copy of the Wiltshire Council’s post-referendum Decision Statement are available from the Wiltshire Council’s website via the following link:

There is now a 6 week period within which legal challenges may be made against the decision to ‘make’ the Neighbourhood Plan.

On 1st February 2018 the Calne community plan voters agreed that Wiltshire Council should use the neighbourhood plan for Calne and Calne Without to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood at the referendum.

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On 8th March 2017 the Calne Community Neighbourhood Plan steering Group submitted its final draft to Wltshire Council.  Wiltshire Council will arrange their Regulation 16 Consultation on the draft in due course.   Please click here to keep up to date with process on the WIltshire Council website.

Please Click Here to View the Referendum Version of the Neighbourhood Plan (20th December 2017)

The question asked in the referendum will be ‘Do you want Wiltshire Council to use the neighbourhood plan for Calne and Calne Without to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?

Please Click Here to View the Information Statement for the Referendum takng place on Thursday 1st February 2018  (20th December 2017)

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On 26th September 2017 the Examiner submitted his report on his completion of the analysis of the Calne Community Neighbourhood Plan

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Some Background to the process

Calne Town and Calne Without Parish Council are embracing the Localism Act and are set to work on a Neighbourhood Plan to safeguard and future proof the Calne and Calne Without neighbourhood area.  To ensure development follows infrastructure, not the other way around, ensure the creation of employment, to tackle issues important for the town and surrounding parishes and create a framework of where and how we can achieve the community's aspirations for the future.  Equally, it will protect the community's heritage and improve and support tourism in the area.
The plan area will encompass Calne Town and Calne Without parish boundaries.  Calne Without Parish encircles Calne Town almost in it's entirety and shares common concerns and issues, most notably relating to development pressures, transport and employment View map here.
A steering group is up and runnning and is made up of members of the local community, town and parish councillors.
For too long communities have not had a big enough say in what happens in their local area - whether it be about what happens to local amenities, how local services are delivered, or how new development is planned - NOW IS OUR CHANCE, LET'S NOT WASTE IT.
To get involved or find out more, please contact or call 01249 814000.
February and March saw a major consultation phase of the Calne Community Nighbourhood Plan being undertaken. Combining a mixture of four events across the Town and Calne Without with an online and paper survey, over 400 people responded with their views and opinions around the issues that the Steering Group had been working on. There were over 4000 detailed comments made around a range of issues; including Housing, Environment, Getting Around, Heritage and Conservation, Shopping and Working, Health, Leisure, Wellbeing and Renewable Energy.

The comments made have been incredibly insightful and useful in developing the plan and have assisted the Neighbourhood Plan group in moving the plan forward.

Answers provided very clear views on some issues; the survey showed 90% of respondents being in favour of protecting the "green buffer" around Calne; 94% supported the retention of small scale convenience shops; and 77% of respondents were in favour of a policy which would support the creation of Calne Sand Pits as a Local Nature Reserve.

Other issues will need further consultation to define precisely what should ultimately be in the plan. An example of this was around Housing. To the question asking If the quantity, location and community benefits could be locally defined (through the Neighbourhood Plan), would people support some limited housing growth in Calne and Calne Without; 50% said that they would and 30% said that they weren’t sure or it depended on what benefits would be gained. Therefore, an immediate action for the group is to go back out to consultation to help define where and what benefits would be gained.

May 2016 saw another round of public consutlation, this time concentrating on potential housing sites for allocation within the plan. 

The Steering Group decided that those sites which offered additional community benefit would be presented to the community in accordance with their expressed wishes in a further round of consultation, so that the community could decide whether the benefit in each case justified the additional housing. Drop in Sessions were held in both Calne and Calne Without and a six week online housing site consultation survey was undertaken.

Two clusters of sites fulfilled this requirement as follows:

  • Land North of Low Lane – SHLAA site 486
  • Land South West of Calne – SHLAA site 709, 3311, 3312, 3251

The results clearly demonstrated that the site to the North of Low Lane was favoured, the site to the South West of Calne was not. The qualitative information contained within the survey responses also supported this.

Whilst the Calne Community Neighbourhood Plan does not have to allocate further housing development, it does have the power to retain control over when, where and how new housing development comes forward. In light of the consultation results therefore, the Neighbourhood Plan proposes to only allocate the site at Land North of Low Lane for development within the plan up until 2026.




Information leaflet 2018

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Calne Community Neighbourhood Plan Information Leaflet 2015

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Drop in Days 2015

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Community Engagement Plan

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Calne Community Neighbourhood Plan MAP

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CCNPSG Terms of Reference

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