Calne Town Centre Masterplan 
The Masterplan represents some exciting plans for the reinvention of Calne’s town centre.

In July 2013 Calne Town Council commissioned Urbanisme; Urban Designers and Masterplanners, and Townswork, engagement consultants, to undertake a Town Centre Development Framework for Calne.

The Development Framework known as ‘The Town Centre Masterplan’ was recommended in the Calne Vision and Scoping Study completed in May 2012. The Masterplan will help to achieve a number of the objectives and policies of the Core Strategy and will also form a key part of the emerging neighbourhood plan which is required to be in conformity with the Core Strategy.

The Town Centre Masterplan is a community-led planning document commissioned by Calne Town Council. In preparation for the Masterplan the Town Council conducted a series of workshops in January 2013 which brought together departments from Wiltshire Council and active working group members in the town. The outcomes from the workshops were published

in March 2013 directly informed the designs which appear in the masterplan. The masterplan process involves a desktop study of the town centre sites, conducting a series

of interviews with key stakeholders in the masterplan area including landowners, Town Plan/Neighbourhood Plan working groups and Wiltshire Council departments and using international precedent to produce a viable development strategy to bring vitality to the town centre.

Click here to view 2014 Master Plan Document

Masterplan Update October 2017

Calne Town Council has agreed to the setup of a new internal steering group.    A first meeitng is planned on 9th November 2017.

Masterplan Update July 2017

Gerald Milward-Oliver updated the Calne Town Council meeting on the progress with the Masterplan. The sites are controlled by various landowners including Wiltshire Council. The sites will be subject to some development.

Masterplan Update May 2016

Calne’s Town Centre Masterplan is one step closer to being realised following refusal of the McCarthy & Stone Planning Application.
Calne Town Council would like to thank the community of Calne for their support in fighting against the recent planning application to build 32 retirement apartments in the centre of the Masterplan site along The Pippin.
The McCarthy & Stone planning application was rejected by Wiltshire Council’s Northern Area Planning Committee on Wednesday 4th May, following comments made to support the Masterplan by Linda Roberts, Town Clerk, Town Mayor, Councillor Marshall, Councillor Hill and members of community tourism group, Calne Our Place.
The Town Centre Masterplan is a blueprint to reinvent  Calne’s town centre, by creating a town centre which offers  a greater range of shops, restaurants and cafes, more culture  and  encourage a much improved night time economy.  It will create employment opportunities and offer an even greater sense of community.  

Opportunities for development based on community consultation (click on image for PDF)
What has happened so far?
The Town Council have commissioned a Vision and Scoping Study, asking how people want the whole town to evolve towards 2026.  The study concluded with a vision for the town:
‘A prosperous market town with a thriving local economy in which people want to live and work.  A town that is resilient to challenges through robust infrastructure and decision making.  An inclusive and lively community that possesses the skills and businesses to remain competitive, and generates economic opportunities to meet local employment needs.  A dynamic community in which public, voluntary and business sectors work together through a robust strategy to achieve their chosen vision’.  
Since then we have been busy bringing together the various companies that own land and properties in the Masterplan area and are ready to make real progress in 2016.  please click here to see the original outcomes from the Masterplanning process.

What will the Masterplan look like?
Taking into account public opinion gathered over the past couple of years, the Masterplan seeks to:

  • Deliver an improved mix of retail including café’s and bars, creating a night-time economy and places for the community to socialise in their own town.
  • Offer the creation of a square/piazza using some of the empty car parking space.
  • Introduce more culture.
  • Create an access road from the south using the existing steel bridge. This new road linking Church Street to The Pippin will enable traffic to get to Sainsbury’s without going through Curzon Street.
  • Develop a community hub with a potential new health centre, pharmacy and community services.  
  • Increase residential units in the town centre.
What are the current challenges?
The Masterplan process has been complicated by the proposal from McCarthy & Stone to build a block of 32 retirement apartments in the middle of the site behind Lloyds Bank.  If their plans go ahead on this site it would have a detrimental impact upon the main objectives of the Masterplan. As a result the chances of improving the town centre’s retail offer and subsequent employment opportunities would be greatly
compromised, as would the possibility of creating a sustainable town centre.

The Masterplan is not opposed to accommodation for the elderly in the town, and the Town Council are trying to negotiate with McCarthy & Stone by offering them another town centre site which is in a much better suited position.  We are discussing the proposals with all the relevant parties, including the developers and Wiltshire Council as the planning authority, and will be taking great care in our response to the planning application.

What’s next?
The next steps to progress the Masterplan are:
  • To oppose the current planning application of McCarthy & Stone and to continue negotiations with them to consider an alternative site.
  • To create a Limited Liability Partnership (Development Trust) which will have representation from the Town Council, Wiltshire Council, all stakeholders i.e. Sainsbury’s and Co-operative supermarkets, private landowners, local businesses, a development company and a social housing provider.  This body will be the active development body and regeneration catalyst for the production and delivery of the Calne town centre Masterplan.  
The objectives of this Partnership will be to:
  • Identify a development partner to join the Partnership.
  • Identify a social housing partner to join the Partnership.
  • Produce a Masterplan (including the design code) for the town centre in line with the development brief, previous related consultations and the Town Council’s wider economic and regeneration policies.
  • Drive the Masterplan’s progress through the planning process.
  • Prepare a development programme for implementation post-planning and drive its further progress.
  • Provide a watching brief over the programme through to completion, to include design, infrastructural and community issues.
How can I find out more?
For more information, or to get involved, please contact us on 01249 814000 or

Masterplan Update November 2015



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