Meetings of the Town Council

There are nineteen elected members (Councillors) whose responsibility it is to ensure the Town Council's business is carried out in line with statutory requirements. These Councillors represent the public's interest at the various Committee, Sub-Committee and Working Groups at which decisions to improve the Town and its facilities are made.
For more detail about each of the Committees and to view agenda's of these meetings, please click on tabs to the left. 

The date, time and agenda for each meeting is advertised by means of a notice placed on the Town Council's notice boards located at vaious points around the town, the Information Centre in Bank House, the Library and the Town Council's website. The date is also advertised in the Town Council's newsletter - Calne Connection, which is delivered to every household and many businesses in the town. Minutes of committee meetings are also placed on the website.

Members of the public are very welcome to attend these meetings. At the beginning of each meeting, 15 minutes is alloctaed for public participation, during which members of the public may address councillors on any matter relating to policy or decisions of the Town Council. The councillors will not be able to enter into debate on any subject raised during the time of public participation, but may consider the subject at a later date and respond accordingly.

The Openness of Local Government Bodies Regulations 2014 permits the audio and visual recordings and photography of the Council and Committee meetings by the general public and/or the media. It would be appreciated if persons wishing to take photographs or to record a meeting, were, wherever possible, notified to the Clerk before the meeting concerned. For more information please read the Town Council's Audio Recording, Filming, Photographing and Reporting of the Proceedings of Council and Committee Meetings Policy.

At the beginning of each municipal year councillors are requested to state a preference for the Committees they wish to serve on - this has proven very successful and is instrumental in councillors becoming very knowledgable and accumulating a vast range of experience in the area they choose.

In addition to the Committees listed above, councillors also serve on a variety of sub-committees and working groups, all of which are afflilated to one of the main Committees.

Full CouncilMinutes of previous meetings
Full Town Council 14th May 2017 (Mayor Making)
Full Town Council 9th April 2018
Policy and Resources: Minutes of previous meetings
Policy & Resources Committee 8th November 2017 (Draft)  Meeting moved from 6th November
Town Development and Planning:  Minutes of previous meetings
Town Development & Planning Committee 9th May 2018

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