Town Councillors
Calne is divided into 4 wards; North, South, Central and Chilvester & Abberd.

Each ward is represented by between 4 or 5 Councillors dependent on area size. In total there are 19 Councillors elected to serve on Calne Town Council.



Town Mayor

Cllr Tom Rounds

9 Honeysuckle Close, Calne, SN11 9TE

01249 812464 or 07771 760300

Calne North Ward


Deputy Town Mayor

Cllr Tony Trotman

109 Wessington Park, Calne, SN11 0AZ

01249 816062 or 07816 830873

Calne Chilvester & Abberd Ward




Cllr Mrs Glenis Ansell

11 Orchard Close, Calne, SN11 8HA

01249 816164 or 07801 270299

Calne North Ward


Cllr Mrs Mercy Baggs

8 Quemerford, Calne, SN11 0AS

01249 812128

Calne Central Ward


Cllr Charles Boase

21 The Green, Calne, SN11 8DJ

07722 316409

Calne Central Ward


Cllr Mrs Heather Canfer

56 Newbury Avenue, Calne, SN11 9UN

01249 822249

Calne Chilvester & Abberd Ward



Cllr David Conway

41 Lake View , Calne, SN11 8JA

07973 182646

Calne North Ward


Cllr Doran Davies

85 Akers Way, Swindon, SN2 2NE

Calne South Ward



Cllr Steve Denley

27 Wessington Park, Calne, SN11 0AT

01249 812347 or 07754 448142

Calne South Ward




Cllr Alan Hill

1 Ebor Paddock, Calne, SN11 0JY

01249 821855

Calne South Ward


Cllr Robert MacNaughton

15 Castle House, Calne, SN11 0EY

01249 815777

Calne Chilvester & Abberd Ward


Cllr Howard Marshall

43 Amberley Close, Calne, SN11 9UP

07464 699113

Calne Central Ward


Cllr Alastair Muir

74 Compton Bassett, Calne, SN11 8SN

01249 760421

Calne North Ward


Cllr Philip Redmond

7 George Close, Calne, SN11 8PP

07969 104351

Calne Central Ward

Cllr Dr Julia Reid

77 Bryan's Close Road, Calne, SN11 9AD

07901 826411

Calne North Ward



Cllr Richard Stigwood

16 Wenhill Heights, Calne, SN11 0JZ

07790 830542

Calne Chilvester & Abberd Ward

Cllr Paul Venton

71 Shelburne Road, Calne, SN11 8ET

01249 813693 

Calne Central Ward


Cllr Derek Warnett

5 The Knowle, Stockley Lane, Calne, SN11 0SE

01249 817173 or 07793 424902

Calne South Ward

Cllr Greg Widger

12 Northfields, Calne, SN11 9ED

07901 933755

Calne South Ward


All Members of Town and Parish Councils must register their personal interests in Wiltshire Council’s Register of Interest and Gifts and Hospitality. As a member of the public you can view your local town or parish councillor's registered interests.  Please follow the link to find out more Wiltshire Council register of interests

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