Wiltshire is known for many things, its beautiful scenic views, its birth of classic authors & their vast input to literary works & of course its keen & hungry apatite towards all things music based. 
Many people over look the power of music especially the happy benefits it can bring to the community, no matter your age or ability.

In 2008 a survey revealed that singing releases feel good endorphins & is great for those with confidence issues but, out of all forms of singing choral was said to be the best.
It further revealed a nursing home who took part in a month long singing program were less anxious & depressed as an effect of the magic of music.

So, why should you take part?

This is a brilliant community event which is ever growing. It invites choirs/groups of all abilities for a day/afternoon/evening of free choir performances. During your performance you may choose to hold a BIG sing during your set in which you invite all participants & spectators to join in with the singing of a per-selected song.

What makes it worth while?

• You will be brining entertainment to your community

• Gives a platform for local choir groups to showcase their talent

• The potential of it bringing new members to your choir/group

• The opportunity for you  to take part in something you love & make 
all your hard work worth while.

Find out more and get in touch: 
Contact Calne Town Council on 01249 814000 or to find out more about this event.


To celebrate the fifth year of Calne Spring Sing, we thought it would be a great idea to hold a competition! Each choir who wishes to enter will be heard by our judges who are equally as passionate & keen in their love for music. They will then decide who will be crowned in 1st, 2nd & 3rd place as well as all other participants receiving certificates.
 Announcements will be made during the final ‘Big sing’ with three prizes up for grabs

Download the competition entry forms here 

Calne Spring Sing Competition Forms 

Final sign up for this event will be April 13th 2018 - Please find the forms below if you just want to sign up and not enter the competition.

Registration form

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