Calne Town Council own and manage the Town Centre CCTV system. This covers the majority of the Town Centre, and aims to;
• Assist the Police with the prevention and detection of crime
• Help deter crime
• Reduce the fear of crime
• Create a safe environment for the whole community.
The locations/coverage for each of the cameras is detailed below:

1 - The English Rose

Covering Church Street and Kingsbury Street

2 - HM Furnishings building

Covering Beach Terrace and Mill Street junction with Church Street.

3 - Town Hall

Covering New Road, Bank Row and The Strand

4 - The New Wine Shop

Covering The High Street and Harris Court towards the Pippin car park

5 - Top of the High Street, close to the Charcoal Grill

Covering High Street, Wood Street and Curzon Street

6 - On the canopy of Phelps Parade close to Boots.

Covering Phelps Parade shops (west)

7 - Iceland building

Covering Phelps Parade, (east) the new Market Square and up to the entrance of Sainsbury’s

8 - The Pippin Car Park

Covering The lower car parks in The Pippin and up to the entrance of Sainsbury’s.

9 - Skatepark

Covering the entrance and all of site (privacy mask on adjacent housing)

10 - North End Play Area

11 - Town Council Offices - Visitor Infomation Centre only 

Covering both entrances and the majority of the site

12 – Oxford Road

Covering Oxford Road, Angel Corner and The Pippin. 

Additional cameras also cover the following:

Beversbrook Sports & Community Facility - 13 x cameras in total which cover all areas of the facility.

The Town Hall - 7 fixed cameras – Covering The Carpark Path, Car Park, Carpark Vehicle Entrance, Patford St/Cox’s Hill, Front Door (External), Entrance Lobby and the Bar.

The system records 24 hours per day, every day of the year, and is monitored by a team of volunteers who provide over 200 hours of manned coverage per month.
Monitoring is the most effective way of dealing with incidents in progress, and CCTV operators have proved invaluable in their work to assist the local Police. For example, operators have helped in incidents of shoplifting, drinking in the exclusion zone, the gathering of drugs intelligence, and situations needing paramedic attention.The Police have praised the CCTV system in Calne, and regard it as a model to be recreated in other Wiltshire Towns.
You can volunteer to monitor the CCTV system by contacting Gerry Mooney on 01249 814000 or You must be over 18 and able to spare at least 3 hours per month for monitoring duties.


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