The Annual Parish Meeting
The Annual Parish meeting is not a Town Council meeting.  It is a meeting of the Town or Parish electors and must take place between 1 March and 1 June each year.  Electors can contribute to the agenda and in practice these meetings often celebrate local activities and debate current issues in the community. 

Minutes of previous meetings can be downloaded below and agenda's for forthcoming and most recent meetings will appear here.
Cllr Glenis Ansell – Town Mayor
Cllr Robert Merrick– Deputy Town Mayor
Cllr John Bennett
Cllr John Boaler       
Cllr Declan Boore
Cllr Heather Canfer
Cllr David Conway
Cllr Terry Couchman
Cllr Jon Fisher
Cllr Alan Hill
Cllr Rich Jones
Cllr Robert MacNaughton
Cllr Howard Marshall
Cllr Mark Mewett
Cllr Matt Riley
Cllr Tom Rounds
Cllr Ian Thorn
Cllr Tony Trotman
Cllr Greg Widger

13th March 2019        

Dear Councillor,

The Annual Meeting of the Parish of Calne, notice of which has been published, will take place in the Large Hall of the Town Hall, Calne on Friday 22nd March 2019 at 7pm.
The Press and Electorate of Calne are welcome to attend, and the Agenda for the meeting is set out on the attached sheet.
Please see below the Rules and Regulations regarding this meeting for your information:
(i)         Any local government elector for the town is a member of the Parish Meeting and may speak and vote on matters under consideration.
(ii)        In accordance with Schedule 12 Para. 17(1) Local Government Act 1972, the Town Mayor, if present, shall preside at the Parish Meeting.


Yours sincerely


Cllr Glenis Ansell
Town Mayor



Friday 22nd March 2019 at 7pm

1. Apologies
2. Minutes - To approve the minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Parish of Calne held on 23rd March 2018.
3.  Public Participation - The Town Mayor will invite any member of the Parish Meeting to raise matters for consideration.
4.  Annual Reports:
4.1  Annual Report of the Town Mayor, 2018/19, Cllr Glenis Ansell.
4.2  Town Development & Planning Committee Report, 2018/19, Cllr Robert MacNaughton. 
4.3  Amenities Committee Report, 2018/19. Cllr Heather Canfer.
4.4  Policy & Resources Committee Report, 2018/19, Deputy Town Mayor, Cllr Robert Merrick.
5.  Groups awarded annual grant funding by the Town Council in 2018/19:
5.1  Calne Heritage Centre Trust - invited
5.2  Wiltshire Citizens Advice - invited
5.3  Summer Fun in Calne - invited

6.  Town Mayor’s Presentations

6.1  Civic Award
6.2  Town Mayor’s Gift Fund (Sports) Award
6.3  Town Mayor’s Gift Fund (Arts) Award
6.4  Young Citizen Award
6.5  Event Supporters & Sponsors


At the end of the meeting, there will be an opportunity to enjoy some light refreshments


Annual Parish DRAFT MINUTES 24th March 2017

Adobe Acrobat Document (PDF) - 273 KB

Annual Parish Meeting Minutes 18 March 2016

Adobe Acrobat Document (PDF) - 210 KB

Annual Parish Meeting Minutes 13 April 2015

Adobe Acrobat Document (PDF) - 80 KB

annual Parish minutes - april 2014

Adobe Acrobat Document (PDF) - 80 KB

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